How Grozip Processes Your Cash Refunds

If you have ordered from you might have faced this problem when some of your ordered items were not delivered because of unavailability or some of the replacement items had a different price than the one’s you ordered. While we cannot guarantee the availability of all items on the website to 100%  accuracy all […]

How To Use Your Grozip Account Funds

Keeping cash at hand at the time of cash on delivery orders is always a hassle. So we thought of building a feature that could provide cashless transactions and our customers could forget about keeping cash at hand or cards with them all the time they buy on Grozip. And we built Account Funds. What […]

15 Smart Ways To Order From Grozip

Wouldn’t it be cool to order from a shopping website without browsing for products all the time ? We hate when we need to spend lots of time for repeat ordering of same products over and over again. So, here are 15 Smart Ways To Order From 1. Shopping List To Automate Ordering You […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why, How & What is Grozip ?

Hi, Welcome to This is our first post in Grozip stories. Grozip stories is going to be a collection of stories about you + us making wonders. Stay tuned to Grozip stories for upcoming amazing stories. Let’s not spill all the beans here. I’m going to talk a little bit about how we started. […]